Baby Beauden made an unexpected May Day entrance


AN UNEXPECTEDLY early May Day delivery almost brought this little chap into the world in the restaurant of the Crown Hotel, after Kelly Tilsed met up with her sister there for lunch.

They had booked the meal so they could catch up before the baby’s expected arrival on May 6, and Kelly said: “During lunch I had some very mild cramps but no different from what I’d been having over the previous couple of days, but then halfway through eating I felt a pop in my tummy and my waters went!

“The staff were so lovely, they brought my sister through and followed with a towel in case I needed it and then offered drinks and kept coming to check on us until my partner Kevin arrived to pick me up.

“He came in with our little girl Emerson and the staff gave her an activity pack to keep her entertained.

“As we left, all the staff wished us luck and asked us to let them know how it all went, which I did. They couldn’t have been kinder or more accommodating.”

After leaving The Crown, they went straight to the Poole Maternity Unit where less than half an hour later Beauden James Potts popped out.

“He arrived safely and naturally, and it was a very rapid labour. Had we not left when we did, he could have been born at the Crown! “said Kelly.