As we at Forum Focus bow out after serving our community for just one decade, it was humbling to report on the community’s thanks for the seven decades during which HM Queen Elizabeth II has served the nation and the Commonwealth.

Her accession to the throne on February 6 1953 was celebrated in the Market Place the day before by Blandford’s deputy town cryer Liz Rawlings, who gave a ‘Cry for Her Majesty’, reminding market day shoppers of the significant anniversary which was marked the following day at Blandford Royal British Legion, and elsewhere.

We meanwhile, after leaving a signed rooftile to go onto the parish church roof as part of the ‘Tag-a-Tile’ appeal, would like to thank a multitude of people who have supported us for the last ten years.

First our advertisers, without whose financial support production would have been impossible, and then our many contributors, without whom we would have had nothing to fill the magazine.

Next the very many people who have expressed their disappointment but understanding that we have decided to call it a day, and their appreciation of the service we have provided.

We’d also like to thank all those who in January 2012 attended our first meeting at which it was decided to launch Blandford’s community magazine and have helped us along the way, some of whom – the late Tony Harrocks, Esme Butler and Rosie Eidlestein - are no longer with us, some of whom – Lee Harris , Colin Young, Julian Selwyn, Kim Dewhurst, David Jardine, Ed Williams, Bob Henley, Debbie Herbert and James Wyatt - have moved on to other responsibilities here within our community and elsewhere, and those still with us including proof readers Roger Carter and Robin Wilmot.

Also a succession of volunteers who helped with deliveries until we decided to rely entirely on distribution via supermarkets, shops and other venues, those who have efficiently carried out that distribution – successively David Jardine, Martin Rees, Debbie Herbert and Lisa Mason - and those supermarkets shops and other venues who generously agreed to host sometimes hundreds of copies a month so that people could collect them, as well as Colin Young whose community club in Damory Street was for many years the delivery point for over 50 boxes full of copies sent by the printers, replaced most recently by Pitmans Removals.

And finally our incredible team – our designer David Eidlestein, our advertising manager John Stayt and editor Nicci Brown, together with rest of our trustee directors, our treasurer since 2014 John Bentley, our distribution co-ordinator Jackie Stayt, our website and latterly Facebook designer and operator Debby Mackenzie (who has also been our reliable minute taker at steering group meetings!), and our administrative assistant since 2017 Jane Sherwood.